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September 2020
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Sony Ericsson releases the best phone ever… I think

Today my friend Mike called to share happy fun news with me, but first I digress.  

Back in 2002 I had my first exposure to GSM.  I knew I would be traveling to London so I went to the local GSM mobile phone carrier, VoiceStream Wireless (read T-Mobile) and established an account.  With the account I purchased my first GSM terminal (read handset or phone for the lame) a Motorola (before they were too cool and became just Moto) Timeport T280.  This was a decent phone even for a Motorola but it had a few issues when begin used abroad.

The first issue I ran across was that I was unable to get the phone to recognize and join a network. I discovered that I had to change the frequency it was using through an obscure menu setting since the UK used 800/1800 and my US carrier was 1900 at this point. Then I went to a local Vodophone shop to purchase a SIM and was informed that my handset was SIM locked. I phoned Motorola support and they gave me the SIM unlock code. Little did I know that in the future the carrier had to provide this code so I must have been lucky this day. I got the handset working and began my enjoyment of the GSM network. My handset was capable of handling two distinct lines however I did not have the option with my pre-paid SIM.

I do not recall the exact time or place of my first Sony Ericsson handset purchase I purchased my Sony Ericsson T68i from on 26-Nov-2002. I was able to use it with my 12″ PowerBook G4 and enjoy all the BlueTooth goodies. Just a little under a year later I purchased my Sony Ericsson T610i from on 8-Oct-2003. After rebate I think I got ~$100 back which was during a time of amazing phone prices and also some of the last days you could purchase a Sony Ericsson phone with T-Mobile service. T-Mobile has not carried anything but the GC89 PC Card since then, and currently does not carry any Sony Ericsson for T-Mobile.

Now we are back up to date. So my friend gave me a Sony Ericsson K750i but it seems to have a few issues like BlueTooth connectivity etc, otherwise it is a great phone. Mike received an email to announce the release of the Sony Ericsson K850i. This looks to be about the most fully featured handset that I could want. It supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900, HSDPA, UMTS 850/1900/2100. All that means that if T-Mobile ever upgrades from EDGE then I should be set to get actual 3G services! Mike phoned Sony Ericsson and apparently it is officially “globally available” yet they have no idea who will be carrying it or when it will be ready for purchase. Now what does that mean? Even the Sony Style store has no commitment to carry the device. Will somebody please tell me why Sony Ericsson is so adverse to taking my money?

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