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September 2020
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Dot Mac sync “issues”

Several weeks ago I ran into a problem with my .Mac account and sync. I have my account set to sync Contacts, Bookmarks, Email accounts, Keychains etc. I was on .Mac web mail to send a message. When I tried to use an email address from my contacts it took me to a page that said my Contacts were not synced and would I like to erase them or merge them. I choose merge because that would seem the best option. I sent my email message and went on happy as a lark.

Several days later I was looking at my contacts on my PowerBook and I noticed that something was strange. I had roughly twice the number of contacts that I previously remembered having. Then I started looking around. The data from the contact records had been corrupted. Some of the names were mixed with other phone numbers and email addresses etc. It made no sense how it was all messed up, but at this point I figured I would email .Mac support and expect to go through all 300 entries and put together a complete, de-duplicated set of addresses again. I may have a backup from where I moved from my original PowerBook to the new PowerBook but I do not have the backup drive with me now.

So today I was just working on my blog when a message popped up on the screen.
Dot Mac Sync
Now I have only 30 contacts in my address book. Anyone have a thought about this one?

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