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October 2020
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Delta Paperless Boarding Passes

This is a letter I sent to Delta recently regarding my experiences trying to use their new paperless boarding passes.

Since I first heard that Delta was offering paperless boarding passes I thought how fun this would be to try. On my last few trips from LGA I decided to try checking in on my phone. The first time there was no option for online checkin, obviousy a problem that day. The second time I got my online boarding pass but it did not include the barcode so TSA could not use it. Today for my third time I got the barcode and figured everything was fine. I went through CLEAR for security screening and they did not have the computer to scan the screen. They went to all the TSA agents and nobody had gotten the computers out that day. Finally they found one person who had the computer. After some “fiddling about” they got the computer on and then tried to scan the barcode for about one minute. After they they “determined” that the barcode on my iPhone was not compatible with their scanner, I suspect they did not have any idea how to use the equipment. I was then sent back through the security line, I had to find a checkin kiosk that was free, print a boarding pass (so much for that tree) and then go back through CLEAR to be screened again. I am almost certain that this is not the process Delta had in mind when designing the paperless boarding pass system. Should I continue trying and getting frustrated or just use the old-fashioned paper boarding pass and be relatively headache free? If I choose tha later, then hours and many thousands of dollars are wasted on Delta’s part.

What should I do here?  Am I expecting too much?

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