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September 2020
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Creatures of habit

I am a creature of habit. I generally do things the same way, put my keys in the same place and follow the same patterns. Sometimes things get out of wack for whatever reason, and then chaos ensues.

Today I went with my family to see a film, as it the Christmas tradition. After buying the tickets from the kiosk I was putting away my credit card and sorting through the five receipts it spits out. One for free popcorn, another telling my I had achieved a new status, two different receipts telling me what I had purchased and the price, and finally a ticket to gain entrance. I walked over to the concession area and was putting things away. I found out I needed to get a sticker to indicate my new status so I then went to guest services.

After all of that I ended up back at the concession area. I put away my phone and was still holding my reward card so I went to put it in my pocket. I realized my “wallet” was not in the pocket I keep it in so I checked the pockets on my coat and still nothing. I put things on the counter to make sure I was not just overlooking it and then began to get a bit anxious. After checking my coat and pants pockets I announced that I had lost or left my wallet laying somewhere.

After searching and checking with the staff I began with my first phone call to cancel the cards from one issuer that were in my wallet. They looked up my information and then placed me on hold to contact the department to invalidate the cards. About 30 seconds from the time I was placed on hold everything changed. I happened to put my hand into my back pocket and there it was, my wallet. I never put my wallet in the back pocket. I did however have my reward card in my back pocket earlier. When I went to put it away I obviously put my wallet in there by mistake since I was still holding the reward card. By the time the phone rep came back it was too late and my cards had been invalidated.

This is not how I normally operate in life so I am going to be mentally smacking my forehead all day trying to figure out why I did something out of my norm and then reacted too quickly without checking all my pockets first.

Happy Christmas!

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