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August 2020
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No Parking DRWAV

This is the sign I saw outside my brother’s parking lot in Washington Heights.  I stared at it for a few seconds before realizing what they intended to say.  No Parking Driveway.  Could this be a misplaced reference to the YouTube user drwav?  

Free chocolate courtesy of American Express

I was at the self-checkout at IKEA today and as I pulled my American Express One card the clerk minding the stations walked up and asked why I as using an American Express card. I explained that it was my card choice. She then asked if I had another card, would I still use an […]

My issues with the iPhone and AT&T

I have been considering the iPhone for the first time after the announcement of iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0 software.  Before that I was more than happy to stick with the wonderful handsets from Sony Ericsson.I am presently using T-Mobile and I have been on their network for over seven years.  My services are as […]

Flash Player support on 64-bit operating systems

Can somebody please wake me up from this bad dream because it only keeps getting worse.  I visited a web site today that announced I needed to install the Adobe Flash Player.  I tried to install several timed by clicking “Install” on the window that popped up.  Finally I clicked on the “Adobe Flash Player […]

64 Bitness

So I finally upgraded my computer about a year ago now. I knew I would be running a virtual machine so I wanted to make sure I have the memory and processor. I ended up with a Core 2 Duo and 3GB or RAM. TO take advantage of the memory I knew I would need […]

Creatures of habit

I am a creature of habit. I generally do things the same way, put my keys in the same place and follow the same patterns. Sometimes things get out of wack for whatever reason, and then chaos ensues. Today I went with my family to see a film, as it the Christmas tradition. After buying […]

Illegal Aliens (not the space ones)

So I heard about this yesterday on the radio. This site uses Google Maps to place incidents and activities related to illegal aliens in the US on the map. I knew the problem was growing but this makes it more obvious. So check out the Illegal Alien Activities, Arrests, Crimes, Legislation, and US Border Enforcement […]

The most sophisticated piece of technology you’ll ever pee on…

I was just completely taken back by a commercial on television. The new Clear Blue Easy commercial is just a revolting piece of media with the following vulgar quote. The most sophisticated piece of technology you’ll ever pee on… Is this the best that we can do for television advertising today?

Sony Ericsson releases the best phone ever… I think

Today my friend Mike called to share happy fun news with me, but first I digress.   Back in 2002 I had my first exposure to GSM.  I knew I would be traveling to London so I went to the local GSM mobile phone carrier, VoiceStream Wireless (read T-Mobile) and established an account.  With the […]

Hacker Brian Fite keeps your information safe…

This afternoon on the radio I heard a news story about a hacker convention coming to Dayton.  The Dayton Daily News article highlights about a local hacker Brian Fite and indicates that he is not a hacker that steals my information but he protects it.  Now if this guy has never met me how is he […]