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November 2020
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I was recently at Chipotle and while getting a cup of water I noticed they had lemons.  The only problem is somehow they feel that sliced lemons do not have enough packaging so they helped out nature and decided to put each lemon slice in a small plastic condiment container.  Instant over packaging!

Dear Mommies…

Dear Mommies, I love children, I have three nephews and many other “adopted” nieces and nephews that I adore.  But one thing that my parents practiced and taught me was appropriateness (adj. – Suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place; fitting.)  Taking your children to a coffee shop which charges $4 for a […]

Why should I read the H.R. 1 stimulus bill?

I did some research today and came across a site that seems to put handy information together about the stimulus bill H.R. 1. has the text in PDF, and Text format along with a search on site.  They have references to external sites such as the Washington Post that has a very handy and easy to […]

Unlimit Yourself… Limited time offer.

I hear a commercial this morning on the radio for a mobile provider that used the tag line “Unlimit Yourself”, immediately followed by the disclaimer “Limited time offer.” Does this make the anyone else feel a bit uneasy?

Stand on the right and other unclear directions

As I navigate the airports today interacting with the public at large I am reminded how infrequently people think of anyone but themelves. People get on the esculator or moving walkways and just camp out. Sometimes they stand next to people, other times they stand on the left for no apparent reason. Similarly when geting […]

No Smoking Alarm Will Sound

So what happens if I smoke? Why are these placards always written in Title Case? And what is with the lack of punctuation. Think about how high the unemployment rate will be soon for commas.

Windows Command Scripting Gems

Over the last few weeks I have been extending my knowledge of Windows Command Scripting, or to simple folks, writing batch files.  A few things really annoy me, like when people cannot grasp that something has changed.  News flash the acronym PCMCIA went away years ago when the decided to call it PC Card, cmd is […]

People, do not flush your meds!

First of all when did we start calling them meds? Ok, so putting your old or unused medicine down the toilet is bad, umm kay!  We put enough crap into our water supply through all the scented cleaning products, soaps, shampoo (why does it need to smell like desert?), etc.  And how about all those […]

The IKEA credit card means you can afford it today!

On my way into IKEA today I noticed this sign. Perhaps someone needs to tell the Swedes there is a “credit crisis” going on here.

The curse of 64-bitness strikes again

After installing Vista SP1 under Parallels on my new MacBook, I decided maybe it was not as bad as I thought before.  I have been learning more about Vista and found some things I like about it, for example the new Backup application writes the backup to VHD files, wow Microsoft made a great decision […]