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August 2020
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64 Bitness

So I finally upgraded my computer about a year ago now. I knew I would be running a virtual machine so I wanted to make sure I have the memory and processor. I ended up with a Core 2 Duo and 3GB or RAM. TO take advantage of the memory I knew I would need […]

I have peered into the past and seen my friend

I had no idea about my poor friend Aaron. If I had, then I believe I would have been more sensitive. Here he has been dead for almost 204 years. I will finish this post with a copy of the epitaph. Uncertain life, how swift it flies man lives tomorrow dies. This hour in health […]

I have peered into the future and seen my friend

I found this post at Gizmodo today on how to deal with people using bluetooth headsets. The funniest part is I so thought I was watching my friend Aaron in the future. Truth be told Aaron is not stuffy but rather very practical. He just makes me laugh. Thanks Aaron!

I love winmail.dat, second only to Microsoft…

NOT! My mother received an email last night that contained an attachment called winmail.dat. I have dealt with this before and continue to find it annoying. I am putting a link to a useful article that explains how to deal with this. Feel free send this link to anyone who is sending them to you!

iChat Setup again?

I am getting more and more baffled today. I was running iChat last night and still this morning. I closed the application and several hours later opened it back up. When I opened it up it took me through the setup interview asking me to put in my account details again and to enable Jabber […]

Dot Mac sync “issues”

Several weeks ago I ran into a problem with my .Mac account and sync. I have my account set to sync Contacts, Bookmarks, Email accounts, Keychains etc. I was on .Mac web mail to send a message. When I tried to use an email address from my contacts it took me to a page that […]