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September 2020
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Archive for 'Ha ha'

No Smoking Alarm Will Sound

So what happens if I smoke? Why are these placards always written in Title Case? And what is with the lack of punctuation. Think about how high the unemployment rate will be soon for commas.

There is nothing new under the sun

I recently came across some materials that were mailed by Apple to me at an early employer.  I was particularly intrigued by the cover letter extolling the virtues of Macintosh/MS-DOS Compatibility.  The time frame had to be in the early 1990’s.  The products they were referencing were SoftPC and the Orange Micro Orange386.  The closing […]

The Cows Can Be Trusted

  I recently attended my first two shows at a local downtown theatre called Mad Cow Theatre.  I had heard of this theatre from a few years ago when a friend attended one of their summer workshops.  The two shows I attend were “Major Barbara” by George Bernard Shaw and “Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue” by Quiara Alegria […]

No Parking DRWAV

This is the sign I saw outside my brother’s parking lot in Washington Heights.  I stared at it for a few seconds before realizing what they intended to say.  No Parking Driveway.  Could this be a misplaced reference to the YouTube user drwav?  

Hillbilly Burritos

The hillbillies are loose again, and this time with a word processor.

$0.99 Breakfast at IKEA

Who would have thought. Eggs, bacon and potatoes for only $0.99.

Beads, Cakes, and Plastic Babies

Ok, anyone who knows about Mardi Gras probably knows that the three items in the title do actually go together. During Mardi Gras it is tradition to have a party and serve a King Cake. Rouses Supermarket sells their king cakes online and has the following quote about the history of king cakes. The Mardi […]

Illegal Aliens (not the space ones)

So I heard about this yesterday on the radio. This site uses Google Maps to place incidents and activities related to illegal aliens in the US on the map. I knew the problem was growing but this makes it more obvious. So check out the Illegal Alien Activities, Arrests, Crimes, Legislation, and US Border Enforcement […]

Have you heard about… the fiber?

My Brother told me about this commercial for Time Warner Cable where a Verizon FiOS guy shows up to talk about fiber.