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October 2020
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Archive for 'Gadgets'

Why I love my iPhone

With the release of the iPhone 2.0 software and the unlocking tools I decided it was time to take the plunge. My old Sony Ericsson phone was showing age with buttons missing etc. So a friend was selling his first generaton iPhone for $300. The unlocking tools worked well and fairly easily. I setup my […]

My issues with the iPhone and AT&T

I have been considering the iPhone for the first time after the announcement of iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0 software.  Before that I was more than happy to stick with the wonderful handsets from Sony Ericsson.I am presently using T-Mobile and I have been on their network for over seven years.  My services are as […]

64 Bitness

So I finally upgraded my computer about a year ago now. I knew I would be running a virtual machine so I wanted to make sure I have the memory and processor. I ended up with a Core 2 Duo and 3GB or RAM. TO take advantage of the memory I knew I would need […]

TiVo HD here I come

So as I previously mentioned I have owned a TiVo Series 1 since 15-Jun-2000. I was recently made aware of an upgrade offer, the second such offer I have heard of, to upgrade my existing device and transfer my lifetime service to the new device. When I purchased the device I figured making a one-time […]

3G is so elusive

I have been a supporter of T-Mobile for many years. I have called T-Mobile to find out if they are planning to carry Sony Ericsson phones again and also when they plan to offer 3G services. Both are generally met with the same response “We do not receive any information about these plans you should […]

How did TiVo get it so right?

the TiVo UI makes the Comcast software look like it was written by disgruntled East Germans in 1964 I purchased my TiVo Series 1 (Sony SVR2000) on 15-Jun-2000 at Circuit City. I know this because I can still log on to my account on and see my order history! I loved my TiVo, I […]

Sony Ericsson releases the best phone ever… I think

Today my friend Mike called to share happy fun news with me, but first I digress.   Back in 2002 I had my first exposure to GSM.  I knew I would be traveling to London so I went to the local GSM mobile phone carrier, VoiceStream Wireless (read T-Mobile) and established an account.  With the […]