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August 2020
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Archive for 'Consumerism'

Hillbilly Burritos

The hillbillies are loose again, and this time with a word processor.

$0.99 Breakfast at IKEA

Who would have thought. Eggs, bacon and potatoes for only $0.99.

Free coffee at IKEA!

I recently found out that IKEA offers free coffee in their cafe thirty minutes before the store opens!

American Express ExpressPay key fob

American Express introduced ExpressPay in 2003 as a key fob which was trialed initially in the Phoenix area.  They begn to expand it and CVS was the first merchant I noticed with the ExpressPay logo on their payment terminals.  I locaed the ExpressPay web site and immediately applied for one because 1) it looked extremely […]

Why I love my iPhone

With the release of the iPhone 2.0 software and the unlocking tools I decided it was time to take the plunge. My old Sony Ericsson phone was showing age with buttons missing etc. So a friend was selling his first generaton iPhone for $300. The unlocking tools worked well and fairly easily. I setup my […]

My issues with the iPhone and AT&T

I have been considering the iPhone for the first time after the announcement of iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0 software.  Before that I was more than happy to stick with the wonderful handsets from Sony Ericsson.I am presently using T-Mobile and I have been on their network for over seven years.  My services are as […]

Queueing… the great American past time

I was in Super Target the other night trying to check out at 8:30 PM. There were only two lanes open on the grocery side of the store, neither of which were express lanes. There was one register with a short line, however the light was turned off which I have always understood to mean […]

Creatures of habit

I am a creature of habit. I generally do things the same way, put my keys in the same place and follow the same patterns. Sometimes things get out of wack for whatever reason, and then chaos ensues. Today I went with my family to see a film, as it the Christmas tradition. After buying […]

Tipping schemes aka make your tip mean something!

I was reminded of my friend Mike when I ran across this article today about Fight Thieving Restaurant Servers With Checksum Tips. Mike has this scheme in mind (correct me if I get this wrong) where you use the cents (at least the last digit) to indicate quality of service and satisfaction. He thought about […]

Prosper personal lending

I heard about Prosper yesterday on the radio so I went to the web site today to investigate. It seems like an interesting idea making small loans together with others to reduce risk. I figured the loans would be made by ACH transfer from your bank account to Prosper so I clicked on the frequently […]